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Jessica “VeemonTamer” Cone is the sole powerhouse behind Vee Art Studios. She is an artist, crafter, and gamer native to the sunshine state! Her passion for art and design goes way back to her childhood. Many video games of the 90s, comics, and animation are her inspiration.  

Joining the gaming community in 2015 jumpstarted Jessica’s creative career. Her breakout performance in a Super Smash Bros gaming tournament landed her a one year sponsorship. The sponsorship lead to the audience needed to start her freelance art business Vee Art Studios. In Recent years, Vee Art Studios has shifted focus from graphic design services to self expression via crafts and illustration.

Jessica specializes in Multimedia and Design and Digital Printmaking. As a solo creator, her work skills include both traditional and digital art, social media management, video editing, product design, product production, and handmade crafting.

Today, Jessica travels to various gaming tournaments and pop culture conventions as an Artist Alley exhibitor selling her arts and crafts. As a way of paying it forward to the community she found her roots in, she mentors and provides art supplies to youth looking to become content creators.

Since the successful launch of Vee Art Studios, Jessica has found herself in multiple news outlets.

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Watch interview

" When setting up at venues, I want attendees to come to my booth and leave with something unique or meaningful! Whether it is art merch that sparks ideas of their own, knowledge, or a newfound inspiration to be creative. It's not all about making a quick sale; to me, it's also about supporting those who have less or encouraging those who lack proper influence. Attendees of today could be the artists of tomorrow! I don't fear competition in this space because I value diversity, empowerment, and community above all. "

- Jessica Cone

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