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complexity & Price estimate examples ▾
Samples of complexity and pricing. The more complex the higher the price per character.
Level 1 - Starting at $100 USD

Simple Monsters / Creatures or Animals

Simple characters can consist of 1 or 2 prominent shapes or have distorted chibi-like proportions with minimal bending limbs.
Level 2 - Starting at $125 USD

Cartoony Proportions or Anthro

Moderate characters can consist of human or anthro-like features with exaggerated heads, hands or feet proportions.
Level 3 - Starting at $200 USD

"Realistic" or Anime-ish Proportions

Complex characters can consist of any human-like character that requires proper proportions, complex clothing or armor also fall into this category.
View ADD-ONS & Additional Charges ▾
▧ Props
Any item drawn whether the character is holding or not
+$20 - $60 per prop (Depending on complexity)

▧ Mecha and Vehicles
Characters in mecha suits, power armor, or weaponry +$50
Characters in or on a vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) +$75

▧ Backgrounds
No Backgrounds, Only characters

⚠️ Pieces and "subjects" above are for visual example only. I Will Not Draw Fan Art For Commercial Use.

Island Style - Character art
Starting at $100 USD

Commission Type: Custom Illustration
Estimated Delivery:
1 Month
Approximate Price Range: $100 - $310+ (depending on complexity and number of props)

It's your character in Island Style! A signature feel-good art style highlighting features such as bold playful outlines with a watercolor on canvas look.

Delivered via Digital Download -
- 1 Character - Full Body / Full Pose / Full Color
- No Background, Only Character
- 3000 x 3000 Pixel Png File

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If you request additional services such as Rush or Commercial Use / Merch Rights, They will be included in your invoice. Your project will begin upon receipt of full payment.