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Island Style - Full a4 Poster Art: Starting at $200 USD

Commission Type: Custom Illustration
Estimated Delivery:
2 Months
Approximate Base Price Range: $200 - $500+ (depending on complexity)
It's your story told through a fully colored compositional scenic piece in Island Style. Your character(s) will interact with the environment or scene. Think along the lines of Promotional Key Art or Cover Art.
Delivered via Digital Download:
- 1 Fully Colored Compositional Piece with Background
- 8.3 x 11.7 inches | 3508 x 2480 px (A4) PNG File

Complexity & Pricing STRUCTURE Examples

Each piece starts off at $100 (to account for composition/scene interaction) and increases in price with each character added based on it's complexity level. Here are Samples of complexity and pricing. Each character requested will follow the pricing below based on level of complexity.

For example, If each piece starts at $100 and you request (1) Level 1 Character, then the base price is $200 (before optional extra charges.) If you request (2) Level 3 Characters then the base cost comes to $500 (before optional extra charges.)
Level 1 - Starting at $100 USD

Simple Monsters / Creatures or Animals

Simple characters can consist of 1 or 2 prominent shapes or have distorted chibi-like proportions with minimal bending limbs.
Level 2 - Starting at $125 USD

Cartoony Proportions

Moderate characters can consist of human or anthro features with exaggerated heads, hands or feet proportions.
Level 3 - Starting at $200 USD

"Realistic" or Anime-ish Proportions

Complex characters can consist of any human (or anthro with human-like body) that requires proper proportions, complex clothing/armor or is very muscular.

Extra charges

▧ Props
Any item drawn whether the character is holding or not
+$20 - $40 per prop (Depending on complexity)

▧ Mecha and Wearables
Characters in armor, mecha, power suits, have heavy weaponry or elaborate clothing +$60

▧ Vehicles
Characters in or on a vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) +$75/per vehicle

▧ Backgrounds
Simple Background - Included
Scenic Complex Backgrounds +$50 - $100 (Depending on complexity)

⚠️ Pieces and "subjects" above are for visual example only. I Will Not Draw Fan Art For Commercial Use.

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Once I receive and review your Order Sheet, I will reach out in about 3 - 5 business days to discuss the details of your project via the email provided. Can't wait to work with you and talk to you soon!

★ step 4 optional additional Fees

If you request additional services such as Rush or Commercial Use / Merch Rights, They will be included in your invoice. Your project will begin upon receipt of full payment.