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Sticker production
NOT Water-Resistant.
Best for any dry application such as Scrapbooking and Journaling and anywhere water won't reach!
Water-Resistant With a Gloss Finish! Best for Water Bottles, Computers, Other Electronics, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Smooth Sealed Wood!
Water-Resistant With a Sparkly Finish! Best for Water Bottles, Computers, Other Electronics, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Smooth Sealed Wood!

Batch price by size & quantity

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Delivery options

▧ Shipping
Price auto calculated based on USPS current rates. I can provide an estimate based on your order sheet.

▧ Hand Delivery
$2.00 At A Designated Meeting Place

We will meet at [ STARBUCKS - 7051 Collins Rd Unit 406, Jacksonville, FL 32244 ]

⚠️ I am not flexible with meeting locations. Safety and comfort reasons. Thanks for understanding.

Extra Charges

The commission service "CUSTOM CRAFTED STICKERS" is classified as a production service. I will turn your pre-existing images into stickers.

▧ Redraw Fee
⚠️ When submitting an image, please make sure it is at least 900 x 900 px in size. Any images smaller will not print correctly and may incur a redraw fee of $50+ depending on complexity.

▧ Custom Art
⚠️ If you are looking to get a custom image created for you from scratch, THEN have it put on a sticker, you will need to first complete an art order found here

The crafting process

Handcrafted products are naturally more time consuming than commercially produced products because they are handmade. The time of the crafter is the main catch and thus where the bulk of expenses come from. While commercial environments accel in speed, Handcrafted environments shine in quality control with a unique touch! By producing each piece of product one at a time and overseeing the whole process from start to finish, crafters can ensure that your entire order receives the love and care it deserves!

So, If you are looking to support a local crafter/artist, You are in the right place! However, if you are looking for the cheapest deals/lowest unit prices on your stickers, you might want to head over to a commercial printing company. My sticker process is best optimized/cost effective for stickers under 3 Inches, tho the option is still there if you'd like it. Check out my process and thanks for supporting Jacksonville local small crafters 💙
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