thank you for working with Vee Art Studios: Illustration and Design with individuality in Mind! By reading this page you agree to the following:

1) The terms and conditions stated on this page

2) Providing feedback on draft approvals promptly

3) You agree NOT to file chargebacks or disputes and agree to contact me first for any refunds or corrections regarding your commissioned piece.
▨ Important Terms for ILLUSTRATION commissions

Fan Art - Original Characters - Anthropomorphic - Low to Moderate Mecha - Vehicles - Backgrounds - Landscapes

NSFW (including nudity) - Heavy Mecha - Realism - 100% Proper Anatomy / Perspective / Lighting / Complex Backgrounds - Cityscapes

Collect some references! Reference materials in the form of photographs, sketches or artwork, reference sheets, video game avatars, etc., will aid in communicating your needs for the project and getting it done faster! I am a visual learner and require imagery, so I will turn down any requests that do not include uploaded reference materials. (You will have a chance to upload references in the Order form.)

All payments process via Artistree.io (the platform that handles my commission work.)

Upon refund, the client forfeits their spot in Commission Queue. The client may request a refund if

A. The commission hasn't started yet and is still on the waitlist

B. The artist cannot finish within the agreed timeline stated in your contract. (Days spent waiting on a process approval past the 48-hour mark do not count towards the timeframe.)

1) Submit an art request via Artistree.io (this will be the platform that we use for communication, art approvals, and feedback during the commission process.)

2) Upon receiving client art request, The client will receive a set of questions to anwser. The anwsers to these questions will determine the price for the commission.

3) The client will receive a contract and invoice via Artistree.io upon paying the client accepts the contract. Contracts are confidentail and only used for legal purposes or if the artist’s bank requires verification of earnings regarding this transaction.

4) Paying the invoice in full grants the client a place in the First-Come-First-Serve work queue.

6) Updates and Progress Approvals are handled via Artistree.io.

▶ Rough Draft
The artist will start the art using the references and info that the client provided via the intake questions.

▶ Progress Approval 1
The artist will send the client a rough sketch with base color. The client can request any edits or approve the rough draft. Once the client approves the rough draft, no “major edits” can be made beyond this point.

▶ Finalize
The artist will complete the commission as soon as possible.

▶ Progress Approval 2
The artist will send the client a final preview for approval. The client can request “minor edits” or approve the final preview. Once the client approves the final preview, the commission is considered complete. Any adjustments past this point count as a "major edit."

7) Upon completing and approving the final piece, the client receives all deliverables via Artistree.io

▶ Creative Direction
Please be aware that when commissioning I, the artist retain all creative freedom with each piece, meaning the client gets little input in the creative process. I am not good at drawing other people's visions, and when forced out of my comfort zone, it's difficult for me to put forth my best effort. Therefore, to ensure I deliver the best work possible, this commission service is my Interpretation based on things you provide, such as references for concepts, color schemes, and themes.

My interpretation can include simplifying shapes or shifting colors to convey how I perceive a style. Color shifting will occur. I do have a vision problem that alters the way I see color. To ensure that all hues and color vibrancies stay consistent in my art, I use a process called "color picking," using premade color pallets of a limited range. (For example, I may interpret and translate three different shades of green as the same green.) If your project requires your exact vision (instead of an interpretation) or pinpoint precise color, someone other than me may be a good fit for your project. Thank you kindly for understanding.

▶ Client Expectations
A. The client still has a vital role in the commission process and is encouraged to give input during the Progress Approval stages of the commission.

B. The client should review project approvals and provide feedback within a timely manner of 48 hours. Providing quick feedback ensures the commission process goes smoothly, leaving more time to perfect your project.

C. When checking Progress Approvals, be sure to carefully look at the draft for things like fine details. For example, if all requested accessories are present, if details are on the right parts of the body, if clothing is correct, if body shape is correct etc.

D. When leaving feedback for edits, please be as elaborate as possible to ensure that the requested changes are final.

E. The client understands that the artist has a life outside of commissions and will only prioritize said commission within their work hours, Monday - Thursday, 10 am - 3 pm est. The artist may and is allowed to draw personal pieces simultaneously as leisure within the timeframe of your commission. The client agrees to refrain from nagging the artist about their commission progress outside of Progress Approval checkpoints, especially if still within the expected timeframe stated within your contract. The Artist will always keep you up to date on the progress of your piece. Please be patient and allow the artist their personal time and space.

▶ Revisions & Edits
Minor edits are free if requested during progress approval checkpoints. Major edits will incur an additional fee of $25/hour if requested after approving the rough draft. If the client has an edit that doesn't fall into either category, feel free to ask the artist for assistance.

▶ What Counts As A Minor Edit?
A. Recolors of small areas

B. Slight adjustment to a pose before approving the rough draft

C. Slight adjustments of props before

▶ What Counts As A Major Edit?
A. Anything that requires a redraw of any kind after approving the rough draft. For example, changing poses, props, clothing, accessories, etc.

B. Recoloring more than 40% of the image.

Additional fees occur when:

A. The client needs the commission in less than 1 Month (30 Days) or wishes to skip to the front of the queue. This is considered a Rush Order. (x2 the commission total)

B. The client intends to use the commission for reproduction, sales, or monetization. This is considered for Commercial Use. (x3 the commission total)

C. The client requests an Add-on.

EXAMPLE using a $100 commission.

Commercial Fee + Physical Add-Ons
Physical Add-Ons do not apply when factoring Commercial Rate Fees. Physical Add-Ons factor separate from Commercial Rate Fee. Example: $100 (Character / Total Cost) + $200 (Commercial Fee) = $300 + $25 (Add-on) = $325 (Grand Total)

Commercial Fee + Rush Fee
Rush Fees DO NOT apply when factoring Commercial Rate Fees. Rush Fees factor separate from Commercial Rate Fee. Example: $100 (Character / Total Cost) + $200 (Commercial Fee) = $300 + $100 (Rush Fee) = $400 (Grand Total)

Commercial Fee + Physical Add-Ons + Rush Fees
Rush Fees DO NOT apply when factoring Commercial Rate Fee [ but ] Rush Fees DO apply to Add-Ons. Example: $100 (Character / Total Cost) + $25 (Add-On) = $125 + $125 (Rush Fee) = $250 + $200 (Commercial Rate) = $450 (Grand Total)

A. The artist has the right to use commissioned works for portfolio and commission marketing and advertising purposes. Commission service advertising methods include but are not limited to posting works or works in progress to social media or live streaming the process on Twitch. TV real-time.

B. The artist IS allowed to modify commissions as assets for resale if the client does not own intellectual rights to said imagery. Ex: The client asks the artist to draw a white coffee mug with a red heart. The artist may reuse that coffee mug, change the line art, change the colors, and replace the heart with a star to sell as stickers.

C. The artist is NOT allowed to modify and resell completed commissions depicting the client's original characters or intellectual properties.

A. If posting the commission online, the client agrees to credit the artist.

• If sharing on socials like Twitter or Instagram, tag me in the post @Veemontamer.If using the commission as a profile picture on social, tag me in your bio—Example: Pfp by @Veemontamer.

• If using the commission as a profile picture or thumbnail on Youtube/Twitch, tag me in your descriptions—Example: Art by @Veemontamer.

• May also link back to my website as well (VeeArtStudios.com)

B. The client may produce physical copies in any form if they are not for profit. Profit becomes permitted if a commercial license has been acquired.

C. The client may NOT reproduce commission with commercial intent, such as selling merchandise, unless a commercial license has been acquired.

D. The client may NOT resell digital files unless a commercial license has been acquired.

E. The client may NOT use or resell any portion of the work produced for NFTs or crypto-related activities.