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Terms of service

Welcome, and thank you for working with Vee Art Studios: Illustration and Design with the Community in Mind! Before we get started, Read the Terms of Service and work processes to see if my way of operating works for you and your project!
Commissions are processed in the order in which I receive full up-front payments and completed Order Sheet. Full payment secures and guarantees your spot in the Queue. "Active Slots" can take up to 4 weeks to clear, meaning depending on where you are in the Queue (or Waitlist), it can take up to 2 months before your commission starts.

I Keep track of Commission Progress here, and you may see it at any time 🙂

▧ Payments
USD via PayPal or Credit Card only. Full upfront payment secures your spot in the queue.

▧ Refunds
- I DO NOT offer refunds for Commissions already started. Non-Negotiable.
- I DO offer refunds for any commission not yet started on the "Waiting List."
- IF, in any event, I cannot get around to your commission/or finish by the agreed-upon date, I will cancel the commission and send a full refund.

▧ Normal Turnaround Time
Please allow up to 4 weeks from the time I receive payment to complete your order. I work on commissions during my off weeks from traveling as an Artist Alley Vendor. The time allows me to serve you art/services of quality and excellence. Thanks for understanding.

▧ Rush Turnaround Time
Rush Orders / Slots - "Skip to Front of Queue" Anything needed in less than 2 weeks (14 days) of time I receive payment. This option is 2x the project cost. Turnaround will be 3 days or less.

⚠️ If you choose Rush order, It will be on your invoice.
★ Work Process ★
Depending on commission type, you can either complete a checkout order, or receive a custom invoice to pay. Commissions are processed in the order in which I receive full up-front payment and a completed Order Sheet.

Complete The Order Sheet
Depending on commission type, you will automatically receive an Order Sheet upon paying at checkout, or you fill out an Order Sheet linked on the page to then receive a quote to pay.

3) Contact
When I receive your completed Order Sheet, we will discuss the details provided and turnaround time via email.

4) Secure Spot In Queue
Your project will start according to where it is in the Queue.

5) Additional Payments
If your order requires extra services such as
- Rush Fees
- Commercial Use Fees
- Additional Modification Fees
- Etc. I'll send an invoice separately via Paypal to be paid either via paypal or credit card only. (You can request these services on your Order Sheet.)

6) Rough Draft Phase
I will start with your project using the references and preferences provided. After that, I will show you a rough sketch or mock up. After that, you may request any minor edits such as colors or small details, etc.

7)⚠️ Rough Draft Approval
Once you approve Rough Draft, you cannot make any major changes. Any major edits that require a redraw or rework beyond this point will incur additional charges of $25/hr.

8) Finalize
Upon approval of Rough Draft, I'll complete your commission as soon as possible.

9) Approve and Send
Your commission is complete; I will show you a preview for your approval. Once approved and all additional fees are paid, I'll send.
★ Important Terms for ILLUSTRATION Projects ★
Illustration style will always be an edgy, cartoony/comic book-ish style. I do not do realism. Quickest at drawing animals, anthropomorphic characters, monsters, objects (clothing accessories, electronics, etc.) Slower when it comes to anatomically correct humans, landscapes, mecha, vehicles because they are more complex.

- Fan Art - Original Characters - Anthropomorphic - Low to Moderate Mecha - Vehicles - Backgrounds - Landscapes

▧ WILL NOT DRAW - NSFW (including nudity) - Heavy Mecha - Realism - 100% Proper Anatomy / Perspective / Lighting / Complex Backgrounds - Cityscapes

I want to be transparent before we begin. Please be aware that I retain all creative freedom with each piece when commissioning work. Meaning you get very little input in the creative process. At most, you provide references for things like the concept, pose, color schemes, and themes, but ultimately, the commission service is My Interpretation of those things in my style. I am not good at drawing other people's visions, and when forced out of my comfort zone, it's hard for me to put forth my best effort that you deserve.

My interpretation can include simplifying shapes or shifting colors to convey how I perceive a style. Color Shifting Will Occur. I do have a vision problem that alters the way I see color. To ensure that all hues and color vibrancies stay consistent in my art, I "color pick" from premade color pallets of a limited range. (For example, I would interpret and translate three different shades of green as the same green.)

If your project requires your exact vision (instead of an interpretation) or pinpoint precise color, someone other than me will be a good fit for your project. Thank you kindly for understanding 💙

Collect some references! Reference materials in the form of photographs, sketches or artwork, reference sheets, video game avatars, etc., will aid in communicating your needs for the project and getting it done faster! I am a visual learner and require imagery; therefore, I will turn down any requests that do not include uploaded reference materials. (You will have a chance to upload references in section 4 of the Order Sheet.)

All Illustration projects falls under Personal Use [ by default ] if you have NOT purchased a separate Commercial Fee. (You will have a chance to specify this in the Order Sheet and receive an invoice accordingly.)

- You may NOT reproduce commission with commercial intent, such as selling merchandise.
- You may use your commission as profile pictures or thumbnails etc.
- You may edit your commission for social media graphics and streaming graphics.
- You may produce your own physical copies in any form as long as they are not for profit.
- You may NOT resell the commission as digital files or NFTs.

Your project falls under Commercial Usage only if you HAVE paid a separate Commercial Fee which is x3 Total Cost of Project.
- You may reproduce commission with commercial monetary intent, such as selling merchandise.