"Jacksonville, Florida is home to many low-income areas with many financially challenged families. As someone who comes from a family that could barely make ends meet, I understand the problems that arise along with growing up in economically unstable households and how easy it is for people to turn to lifestyles that don't utilize one's God-given talents because of it. For struggling families or simply parents that do not support art and gaming culture, it’s challenging to keep youth engaged in creative activities. Thinking back at how my mentor used art to keep in line as a teen, the idea of the Vee Art Studio Outreach Program was born. By teaming up with youth, the goal is to show them that their artistic talent matters and where it can take them. The program will provide supplies, computer hardware, and industry-standard software and demos to awaken their hidden potential with encouragement and support. Nurtured talent produces a positive mindset and is just the tool needed for youth to understand that no problem is more significant than what one can achieve with their unique skills."  -Jessica Cone  


The Vee Art Studios Outreach program looks for innovative ways to give back to the community by supporting content creators no matter what stage of their journey they are at currently! The Content Creator Incentive Program's primary purpose is boosting those who established enough to start making and posting work as well as those who are looking for clients for commissions!

The program connects young content creators with clients while giving paid exposure!
No working for free on our clock! We Just want to see you grow as a content creator!

• > 300 Followers on Twitter (Not required but preferred)
• Must have Paypal to receive payment
• Must have Portfolio  

"There are many times that I see young artists get discouraged because they lack support. They feel that nobody will ever see or appreciate their content. With this program, I want to try to change that even if just by doing something as small as a paid signal boosting." 



Vee Art Studios sends you Payment via PAYPAL for commission.


Follow of artist & Vee Art + Retweet of artist work required to enter the raffle!


Pick 2 to 4 pieces of art you want Vee Art Studios to showcase!


Vee Art Studios will choose a winner at random.


Vee Art Studios creates a post on TWITTER showcasing art as a raffle. 


The winner is your new client for the prepaid commission! Get their request and deliver!


Sign-UPS Open!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Applicants are chosen at random once every two weeks as funding is available. This program is funded by a portion of my own earnings set aside from merch sales, commissions, as well as generous donations. If you would like to see this program stick around and grow, please consider one of the following options below to support! Thanks! 



Hands-on Demos

Vee Art Studios travels to various events along the lines anime conventions, gaming oriented tournaments or exhibitions, as an artist alley vendor! Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Jess in person, buy sweet merch, and win prizes! As part of the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program, if you are a content creator or looking to become one, A hands-on digital art setup featuring Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Cintiq will be available!* Content Creators (students take priority) Will also have a shot at winning prizes such as Wacom Intuos drawing tablets and digital illustration software. **  

" I want attendees to come to my booth and leave with something unique or meaningful, whether it be merch, knowledge, or a new found inspiration to be creative, pushing their artistic limits. It's not all about making a quick sale, to me, it's also about supporting those who have less or encouraging those who lack proper influence."

* If proper space at the convention is available   **If funding is available 

OUTREACH PROGRAM | Milestones & Impact

Since the launch in 2017, Vee Art Studios assisted four individuals two of which were out of state residents with the computer hardware and software needed for them to pursue their dreams as content creators. 

"Dear Jessica, I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me with my new drawing tablet and laptop. You have given me what I wanted for a long time and now I do things that I never thought I would ever do. I drew you something! I know, though, that whatever I say or do can never equal up to this selfless blessing you gave me."

-Ronald D.

"I have finally saved up enough money through art commissions to buy Clip Studio Paint! It's time to step my art game up with the drawing tablet. Thank you so much for everything VeemonTamer!"


"You are one of the only adult figures that I have in my life that support my creative hobbies. You are literally what I want to be when I grow up!"



Content creator workshop classes

The next move for Vee Art Studios is to expand the company in a way that is more interactive with the surrounding community! The expansion includes traveling around Jacksonville to various schools and locations, to host digital art/content creator seminars while promoting creativity and entrepreneurship! Individuals including youth in our city looking to become content creators in the world of Multimedia and Design will get hands-on experience in a classroom styled setting with professional hardware and software used to creating manga, comics, concept/character art for gaming, and other various types of 2D visual art. 

This community-based approach looks to level the playing field for future talent by bridging the educational gap to include business owners and young entrepreneurs alike as part of the creative solution! Those who want to learn the trade of the services offered including ones not taught anywhere in Jacksonville such as digital illustration would be able to do so with hands-on classroom styled workshops.

Vee Art Studios looks to bring a new type of art education to Jacksonville FL that local schools and colleges do not offer. While there are many programs here in Jacksonville that mentor, coach and empower youth through art, this program is different because it chooses to do so through a unique kind of art that combines both fine arts and graphic design applications to produce what is known as Digital Illustration. This type of art goes hand in hand with the gaming and pop culture industry or the "Creative Industry" which provides an additional way to reach out and relate to youth on a personal level. The key to making education memorable is to make it fun and personally tailored. 


whats needed to make it happen?

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