Heyo! I'm Jess better known as "Vee" or "VeemonTamer" online and I am an artist, crafter, and gamer! Here are some links to learn more about me and my arts and crafts.
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Frequently asked questions

What program do you use to draw?
I use Clip Studio Paint to draw and Affinity Photo for post-editing. Paint Tool Sai is also a great program and is what I started with.
What brush do you use for your Island Style work?
The outlines are scribbles by hand until recently. Then, I made a custom brush to repeat my scribbles. The coloring is a custom brush I made to imitate the basic oil brush from Paint Tool Sai (which works well for this style right out of the box.)
Do you have an online store for fandom stuff you had at conventions?
Yes, I have an online store! However, it is mainly for my original stuff, like food and electronics-themed sticker sheets! If you see something at a con, grab it while you are there or have a friend get it for you. In the RARE event that I list fandom leftovers online, it will be a very limited and timed stock.
I really love your work! Do you plan on traveling to Conventions & Tournaments outside of Florida?
I would love to travel outside of Florida! It's been a dream to attend Combo Breaker, Big House, Evo, NYCC, and other gaming/pop events! As of right now, I am a small artist and the amount I make at each show can only sustain travel to events in or near Florida. In order to venture out further, I'd definitely need either a sponsor/partner, increase in online sales, uptick in commissions, or more subs over on Patreon to help cover fees like, booth, hotel stay, and plane tickets.
I really look up to you and your art! Can we be friends? Can you coach me!?
While I'm beyond excited that my art inspires you, I cannot coach you and am never looking for friends 😭 As an Autistic/ADHD person; my brain gravitates more towards inner reflection than outward interaction. Therefore, I can only interact in short bursts before I get overwhelmed and need to retreat and rest.

The little mental energy I have for communication is often reserved for conventions (work purposes only,) essential networking, and some social media posts. However, if you ever see me at a convention or on Twitch, please feel free to ask any questions. I'd LOVE to answer them within the time frames I designate for social interaction 💙
Do you Answer dMs and Comments?
Yes, please know that it may take a lot of time for me to respond for the same reasons listed above. Comments of admiration for my art are very encouraging! I may not be able to answer all of them, but know that I do read and am very appreciative of them!

If you ever need to get a hold of me for business reasons (i.e., commissions), please Email me. Emails are less overwhelming, therefore prioritized and more reliable! 
Do you take commissions?
Yes, I do! I mainly offer different types of illustration commissions! You can find them here on my website! I also have a Queue here to check the progress of a commission at any time. It will also give you a good idea of how fast new slots open up!
I see you have graphic design on your resume! Can you make me a logo or branding?
I no longer offer Graphic Design/Branding commissions. Branding requires much interaction and flexibility for personal customization, none of which I accel in. Also, I had mostly bad experiences. Startups and established businesses have ripped me out of thousands via commercial use loopholes and broken promises of partnerships, etc.

I now approach commissions with a "what you see is what you get" philosophy by only offering specific types of art with rigid and clear stylistic rulesets. As a result, my workflow is optimal when commissioned for MY vision/interpretation/style of an idea rather than someone else's exact vision/style of an idea. 

★★ Events applied but not yet confirmed for and or waitlisted.

2023 Event schedule
  • Brick City Anime Festival - Ocala
    Feb 11 - 12
  • Bold City Con - Jacksonville
    Apr 15 - 16
  • CEO Fighting Game Championships - Daytona
    June 23 - 25
  • Infinity Con- Tallahassee
    July 8 - 9
    Events I'm keeping my eye on!
    • Wasabi con - Jacksonville
    • Dreamhack Atlanta - Atlanta
    • Holiday Matsuri - Orlando


    COMMISSIONS - open
    Heyo! I'm Jess better known as "Vee" or "VeemonTamer" online and I am an artist, crafter, and gamer! Here are some links to learn more about me and my arts and crafts.
    Main Site / Portfolio ➔Email ➔Comissions ➔shop art & Merch ➔Twitter ➔Instagram ➔facebook ➔youtube ➔twitch ➔Patreon ➔ko-fi ➔Amazon wishlist ➔