Frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to me with your question!

Process and Payment

How do I commission you?

Have a look at the different types of commissions open on this page above. Then, click on the type you want and start your project by filling out an order form!

Can I just tell you what I want without filling out the order form?

No, You cannot skip the order form. By filling out the order form, we take out any guesswork that would slow down the progress of your commission. The order form gives me all of the info I need to make your commission experience seamless and simple for both of us.

Do I pay before or after?

All payment is upfront. I will secure your slot and start your commission once I receive your invoice in full.

I noticed that commissions are closed, when do they open again?

I take 3 commissions per month, so the waitlist typically takes 1 - 3 months to clear. However, sometimes slots may clear faster, so be sure to follow me on Twitter, where I announce public openings first. You can also check the "Commission Status Sheet" at the top of this page.

How long do commissions take?

It depends on the type of commission. You can find estimated times on the pages of specific commission types. Regardless of commission type, please allow at least 1 week to complete.

Can I get my commission faster?

Yes, rush options are available! For example, if you'd like your project completed in less than 2 days or if you'd like to skip the waitlist, you may do so for x2 the project cost.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, only if your order didn't go past the sketching phase. Refunds are not offered for completed works, and if you attempt a chargeback, you will be ban listed.

Rights and Usage

Do I own the rights to what you draw for me?

You can do whatever you want with it except use it for commercial purposes (i.e., reproducing in any form to resell.) All of my drawn commission work falls under personal use at the moment.

Do you reupload/use commissioned work?

Yes, but only for portfolio use and future commission examples on my social platforms and website. I retain the right to do so.

Do you stream commissions?

Yes, sometimes I will stream commission work. However, if you'd like your piece to remain private, you can opt out, and I'd be more than happy to exclude your piece from any broadcasts. Just give me a heads up in the order form!

Can I use your commissions as a profile pic?

Yes, if you commissioned it. No, if you did not commission the piece.


Can you read this story about my character I want you to draw?

I'd rather not because it does not contribute to what I need for your commission. Please do not do this. All I really need is how they look and some references (preferably reference sheets if you have them.) Even basic "not good" or "messy" sketches will do!

Can we be friends and chat during my commission?

No. During your commission, please keep all communication strictly related to the project's development. Please no idle chit-chat; keep things straight to the point. This is my job, not play time. I appreciate your understanding.

You mentioned a Ban List? What is that?

My Ban List is a list of people I refuse to work with in the future. This list consists of problematic individuals that do things along the lines of but not limited to •Chargebacks after completed work • Using my art for commercial use (selling) • Bad manners • Claiming art as own/not giving credit • etc.


Can I get on the waitlist when commissions are closed?

No, Wait for them to open back up. I complete commissions in batches on a first-come, first-served basis based upon when commissions are open. Announcements are on my Twitter!

I notice slots are pre filled?

Supporters over on Patreon get first dibs on slot openings. After that, Twitter and other public socials get whatever slots are leftover.