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A store by vee art studios
Free US Shipping
Free shipping for orders in the US $30 and over! a big thanks for dropping a Fortune at my shop.
Random small freebie Sticker with every order! Why? Because you are awesome for buying my art!
Each order comes in a bag that Vaguely matches the colors of your items. Neat touch huh!?


I make all stickers in my tiny Home Studio. I draw, print, coat & cut them. over and over and over and over again, just for you!
Splashes of water are no match for these stickers, Which means you can take the first step to staying hydrated... a sticker bombed Thermos!
Stick em anywhere like Your laptop, other electronics, plastics, Smooth sealed wood. Just don't put them on people or pets. only villians do that.


Still deciding what kind of print process I'd like to use for the shirts 😅
Honestly, it's 2022 wear whatever you want. you do you. gender specific clothing is not a thing.
ring-spun cotton
Soft and lightweight shirts for those of us who don't know how to stay hydrated. you can thank me later.
Clothing coming soon! I am currently scouting Print shops for my shirts! I have a Sample coming soon! once my Sample gets here, I'll put it through some tests to Judge the quality! I don't Want to sell yall any low quality junk. Only the best 😤

limited drops

Only 10 units or less Available (depending on item.) Grab it while you can. Once they are gone, No online restocks!
Timed & Limited
only up for 1 week or until sold out. whichever comes first. TLDR: move it or lose it.
Free shipping
Limited Drops Are "sets" or "bundles" to always Qualify for free shipping within the US!
Processing & Shipping

Most items are handmade to order and will require time prepare!

▧ Please allow up to 3 - 5 days to process your order.
▧ Orders ship weekly on Saturdays via USPS.
▧ All packages will come with tracking numbers.

▧ Tracking numbers are sent via email when your package ships. Be sure to check your tracking for updates.

▧ Once I give the package to USPS, I no longer have control over the processing. Shipping times may vary based on the perfeincey of the post office in your area.

International Shipping

International shipping available for all countries except Europe. Sorry, I really don't understand how to remit taxes/imports using your VAT system 😓

▧ International orders may take up to 2 months to arrive.

▧ I am not responsible for delays due to customs.

▧ Customers are responsible for any and all import fees / duties. When shipping outside of the US, Import/customs fees MAY occur based on your country's laws.


▧ Each order comes packed inside of a color coordinated bag that is then placed into a 5x7 inch bubble wrap mailer.

▧ Stickers and sticker packs will alway have a sturdy backing when packed to ensure they are not bent during travel.

Cancellations, Returns & Replacements

▧ Cancellations: If you cancel your order before you receive your shipping confirmation, you may cancel your order and receive a full refund.

▧ Returns / Refunds: Because most items are handmade to order, all sales are final.

▧ Replacements: If any items come damaged of have quality problems I will replace them for free. Be sure to send photos of the damages, so I can improve my process.

Contact Me For All Other Questions!
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