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Heyo! I'm Jessica Cone better known as "Vee" or "VeemonTamer" online and I am an artist, crafter, and gamer native to the sunshine state! My passion for art and goes way back to my childhood with video games of the 90s, comics, and animation as my inspiration. Joining the Fighting Gaming Community in 2015 jump-started my creative career. A breakout performance in a Super Smash Bros tournament landed me a one year sponsorship, which lead to the audience needed to start my freelance graphic design business Vee Art Studios.

In Recent years, Vee Art Studios has shifted focus away from graphic design services and now serves as little space of self expression where all of my crafts and creative ideas take form. I now travel to various gaming tournaments and pop culture conventions as an Artist Alley exhibitor selling my art in the form of handmade stickers, prints, keychains, and appeal!

As a way of paying it forward to the community I found my roots in, I mentor during conventions and provide art supplies to youth looking to become artists. Since the successful launch of Vee Art Studios, I have received recognition from multiple news outlets for my community focused vision!
illustrations • handmade stickers • prints • appeal • custom art
join me as i develop my all original series on Patreon

Check out my venture into an all original new series of art prints based on my two cats featuring a gaming and naturistic twist! Watch as I develop my first artbook from start to finish using the prints! Your pledge covers the basics such as software and resources used to develop the project and legal aid when I publish the finished collection as a book!

Development Blog - $5/month
Access to behind-the-scenes development of the project with features such as progress, character sketches, model sheets, inspiration/mood boards and more!

Sticker Club - $10/month

Access to Dev Blog + physical stickers in the mail every month as thanks!

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