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Vee Art Studios is the home of casual gamer, content creator, and artist, Jessica "VeemonTamer" Cone. Based in Jacksonville, FL, she believes in making a difference in the community through art, gaming, and charitable acts. Her talent allows for a wide range of creative services such as freelance graphic design and illustration as well as uniquely drawn; one-off limited-edition gaming inspired gear and art prints.

By setting aside a portion of her earnings, she looks to help youth wanting to become content creators by providing mentoring, assistance with commissions and network building as well as computer peripherals, and software for digital illustration via the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program.






"Yo, VeemonTamer here, and I’d like to welcome you to my new series called “Island Style.” This weekly series will take us on a beautiful 77+-week journey drawing the entire Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster in the bright and cheerfully iconic Yoshi’s Island art style. Join me every Thursday on this nostalgic tour through gaming history!"

- New Images every Monday on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
- Process Gifs every Tuesday on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

- Speepaint/Timelapse videos drop every Thursday on Youtube


" And we are on! Join me as I go live every week! With four platforms to choose from, including Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and Facebook, catching streams will be a breeze! These family-friendly streaming sessions will consist of gaming and art projects. On game days, viewers can watch me tackle Elite play in Super Smash Bro Ultimate and will have a chance to play against me in arena viewer battles! On art/design days, viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions about any techniques they need help understanding while talking about experiences in the fields of art and design. "

5 PM - 9 PM Eastern Time


Vee Art Studios travels to various events along the lines anime conventions, gaming-oriented tournaments or exhibitions, as an artist alley vendor!

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Jess in person, buy sweet merch, and win prizes! As part of the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program, if you are a content creator or looking to become one, A hands-on digital art setup featuring Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom Cintiq will be available! 

Content Creators (students take priority) Will also have a shot at winning prizes such as Wacom Intuos drawing tablets and software. ** 

" I want attendees to come to my booth and leave with something unique or meaningful, whether it be merch, knowledge, or a new found inspiration to be creative, pushing their artistic limits. It's not all about making a quick sale, to me, it's also about supporting those who have less or encouraging those who lack proper influence."

* If proper space at the convention is available   **If funding is available 



Since the successful launch of Vee Art Studios in 2017, content creator Jessica "VeemonTamer" Cone has been featured in various media outlets and invited to several public speaking events to receive awards and recognition for her art and outreach program. From 2 features on Channel 4 News4Jax: Positively Jax to corporate giant UPSers.com to news site Why Nots and Saturday morning shows such as BUZZ TV, Cone has made it clear that her duties as an artist go far beyond those of just content creation and art sales. 

To date, the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program powered by funds set aside from each online or Artist Alley sale has supported 15 content creators. With support including but not limited to Twitch subscriptions, donations towards streaming equipment, buying computer hardware such as Laptops and drawing tablets.


Support the artist by buying cool merch! A portion of earning goes towards the Vee Art Studios Outreach Program, a program dedicated to giving content creators the computer equipment and support needed to get started and or grow as a content creator free of charge or a relatively low prince when funding is available! ❤




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