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questions & ANSWERS   questions & ANSWERS   questions & ANSWERS   questions & ANSWERS   

What Brush Do You Use For Your Island Style Work?

► The outlines are scribbles by hand up until recently because I'm a mad lad. To save what's left of my sanity, I made a custom brush to repeat my scribbles. The coloring is a custom brush I made to imitate the basic oil brush from Paint Tool SAI (which works well for this style right out of the box.)

What Program Do You Use To Draw?

► I use Clip Studio Paint to draw & Affinity Photo for post-editing (because Ãďŏbe can go kick rocks.) Paint Tool Sai is also a fantastic app & is where I began.

Do You Have An Online Store For Fandom Stuff You Had At Conventions?

► Do I run an online store? Yes! Is it for fandom-related items? No. My power level isn't high enough to fight the glorious C&D ninja master race from the hidden village of Sue-You.

My store is currently closed, but when it reopens, it will be for my kickass original works!

If you see something fan-related at a con, grab it while you're there, or ask your friends to get it for you. But remember to pay them back.

Do You Plan On Traveling Outside Of Florida?

► Yes! Eventually. Attending events like Combo Breaker, Big House, EVO & NYCC has been a dream!

Right now, I'm not high enough in the ranks to get the legendary powerup "PLANE-TICKET," which allows me to travel outside of my region. Please excuse me as I grind out more experience points in 95° temperatures.

I Really Look Up To You & Your Art! Can We Be Friends?

► No. While I'm glad my art has inspired you, friendship isn't my strong suit. As a AUDHD mastermind, I require as much quiet time as possible.

My emergency reserve of artificial extrovert energy is reserved for conventions (work), essential networking & possibly a bit of social media maintenance (if I feel like it.)

However, if you see me at a convention or on Twitch, please feel free to ask me any questions. I'll respond to almost anything within the time limits I set for social interaction.

Your backstory is inspiring. can you be a guest speaker for our students?

► To be clear, you are aware that you are inviting a non-conforming artist to speak at a school, correct?

Homework is a waste of time, report card grades did not accurately reflect my aptitude for art & college is a sham.

If you're cool with your students hearing the unhinged perspective that made me the artist I am today, book me using the form at the bottom of this page.

can you do custom work for me?

► Yes, I can! If you need illustration work done in oddly specific styles of my choosing, then I'm the puurrrfect cat for the job!

Start a commission ➔
Do You Answer DMs & Comments?

► Yes, I do! …Eventually... my brain has a jank sense of timing. But don't worry, you aren't shouting into a void. Even if I don't reply, I do read all of them with a grateful smile.

Email me if you ever need to reach me for "business" matters (such as commissions). Emails feel less distracting than social media, you'll have my full attention.

Can You Do Branding for Me?

► Branding? Sorry, but your princess is in another castle. Branding necessitates almost superhuman abilities, such as mind reading & social nuances, which a person with the flexibility of a brick wall lacks.

During a time when the pyramids were still young, folks took advantage of me to get away with a ton of free work. After realizing that I am [checks notes] gullible: I now work under a "What you see is what you get." mantra by only offering oddly specific types of illustrations with strict, unambiguous styled rulesets. At the very least, you know what you're getting now, right?

Did You Make Your Website? Can you make mine?

► Did I make my website? Yes! Will I make your website? No. But wait, there's good news! Webflow exists.

Making sites rarely occurred to me since code intimidates me to the point of hissing my pants. Webflow descended from the clouds on the sixth day of cleaning to bestow upon me the ethereal powers of no-code web creation.

Definitely have a look! It was easy to learn, enjoyable, & offers an amazing community of resources. No, this is not a paid advertisement.

DO you have a full resume or a Linkedin?

► No. I refuse to join Linkedin. Entities, people, or websites that give ゴゴゴゴ auras of extreme sterility, over-professionalism, or corporate-ness are icky & I avoid them like the plague.

I'd hope the value of my art isn't judged by superficial words or accolades but rather by its purrfect visual appeal and its power to captivate.

TL;DR: Do you like the way my art looks or naw?

What is your overall goal for your brand & art?

►Ah yes, the dreaded 'B' word. My art chooses to identify as 'aesthetic,' not 'brand.' I will do everything in my power to uphold its individuality & preferences.

I don't have any goals other than to express myself & make sense of the world around me while showing that art doesn't have to be what or how others want it to be successful. Art is the extension of one's soul, strong enough to break trough culture & language barriers, & if my soul resonates with others in a positive way, then that's all I could ever ask for.

Now that you know everything yet nothing at all about me, here's how you can reach me!