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I'm Jess, An artist, crafter, designer & expert snack eater & Here Are Some Things You May Or May Not Want To Know About Me!

▨   Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation. The answer to that very question lies deep within the '90s. Breaking News! Toddler discovers crayons & video games! Nerd gets lost in an inner world of cartoons & games, aspiring to be a game designer. Teen then takes competitive gaming & art contests waaaay too seriously.

Adult drops out of college & forfeits scholarship to become a competitive Super Smash Bros player. They somehow get sponsored for a year, only to find that they, in fact, do not like competition & decide to use their earnings & gains to start a successful art gig. That's it; that's the story. You are now in the present day.

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Q&A  ▨    Q&A  ▨    Q&A  ▨    Q&A  ▨   

What Program Do You Use To Draw?

▨   I use Clip Studio Paint to draw & Affinity Photo for post-editing (because Ãďŏbe can go kick rocks.) Paint Tool Sai is a great program too & is what I started with.

What Brush Do You Use For Your Island Style Work?

▨   The outlines are scribbles by hand up until recently because I'm a mad lad. To save what's left of my sanity, I made a custom brush to repeat my scribbles. The coloring is a custom brush I made to imitate the basic oil brush from Paint Tool SAI (which works well for this style right out of the box.)

Do You Have An Online Store For Fandom Stuff You Had At Conventions?

▨   Do I have an online store? Yes! Is it for fandom stuff? No. My power level isn't high enough to fight the glorious C&D ninja master race from the hidden village of Sue-You.

My store is in a deep slumber at this time. We must let it get its beauty sleep, but once it awakens, it will be for my kickass original works! If you see something fan-related at a con, grab it while you are there or if you have friends, ask them to grab stuff for you. Be sure to pay them back, though.

Do You Plan On Traveling Outside Of Florida?

▨   Yes! Eventually. It's been a dream to attend events like Combo Breaker, Big House, EVO, & NYCC. Right now, I'm not at a high enough ranking to obtain the legendary powerup needed to travel outside of my region called "PLANE-TICKET." Now excuse me while I grind more experience points in 95° weather.

I Really Look Up To You & Your Art! Can We Be Friends?

▨   No & no. While I'm happy my art inspires you, friendship isn't my thing. As an autistic/ADHD mastermind, my brain thrives on inner reflection, or dies due to excessive communication. My window for social interaction is basically a QTE, & afterwards, I gotta fast travel back to my cat tree to recharge my mood batteries.

My emergency stash of mood energy is reserved for conventions (strictly "business"), essential networking, & maybe a bit of maintaining my social media (if i feel like it.) Tho, if you ever see me at a convention or on Twitch, feel free to ask any questions. I'll answer almost anything within the time frames I designate for social interaction.

Your backSTORY is inspiring. Would you like to be a GUEST speaker for students?

▨   To be clear, you are aware that you are asking a non-conforming creative to guest speak at a school, right? As a creative, my journey through the educational system isn't the "empowering" story you'd expect. Homework & report card grades didn't measure my Aptitude for art, & college is a scam. But hey, if you're cool with your students hearing the unhinged perspective that made me the artist I am today, feel free to book me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Do You Answer DMs & Comments?

▨   Yes, I do! …Eventually... my brain has a jank sense of timing. It's like a cat that decides when to pounce on notifications, if ever. But don't worry, you aren't shouting into a void. Even if I don't respond, I do read all of them with a grateful smile. If you ever need to reach me for "business" stuff (i.e., commissions), email me. Emails feel less like a noisy playground like social media So You will have my full attention.

Do You Take Commissions?

▨   Yes, I do! If you need illustration work done in oddly specific styles of my choosing, then I'm the perfect cat for the job!

Start a commission ➔
Can You Do Branding for Me?

▨ Branding? Sorry, but your princess is in another castle. As a lesson learned, I've shifted from convoluted business-to-business stuff into the unpressured world of creative self-expression. Branding demands skills that are practically superhuman, such as reading minds and social nuances, none of which a person like me with the flexibility of a brick wall have.

During a time when the pyramids were still young, startups & bigwigs alike took advantage of my lack of mind-reading powers & used broken promises as currency to run away with a ton of free work. Upon discovering that I am indeed [checks notes] gullible, I have a new guardian philosophy: "What you see is what you get." I only offer oddly specific types of illustrations with rigid, clear stylistic rulesets & expectations. At least you know exactly what you're getting now, right?

Did You Make Your Website? Can I Commission One?

▨   Did I make my website? Yes! Will I make your website? No. But wait, there's good news! Webflow exists. Making a site never crossed my mind because code intimidates me to the point of hissing my pants. on the sixth day of clean up, Webflow ascended from the heavens to grant me the ethereal powers of no-code web design. Definitely check it out! It was easy to pick up, fun to learn, & has an amazing community with many resources. No, this is not a sponsoered message.

Webflow ➔
DO you have a full resume or a Linkedin?

▨   No. I refuse to make a Linkedin. Things, people, or sites that seem too sterile, overly professional, or corporate are icky & I avoid them like the plague. I'd hope the value of my art isn't judged by a few silly words or accolades but rather by its purrfect visual appeal & ability to captivate its audience.

tldr: Do you like the way my art looks or naw?

What is your OVERALL goal for your Brand & Art?

▨    Ah yes, the dreaded 'B' word. Over the years, I have come to accept my art for what it truly is, aesthetic. It chooses to identify as 'aesthetic,' not 'brand.' So, the law of this land is to respect my art's identity at all times. Goals? hmmm... I don't have any for my art; I just live moment to moment & hope my actions show that creativity isn't about conforming to corporate standards. My art & I just want to explore imagination & have pressure-free fun while proving that success can be achieved by staying true to the unique you.

Now that you know everything yet nothing at all about me, Here's how you can reach me!